Working with Hexo

Table of contents

(1) Introduction
(1.1) Prerequisites

(2) Setup & Requirements
(2.1) Hexo and Node.js
(2.2) Nginx

(3) Configuration

(4) Writing posts


This will be my personal guide on how to set up Hexo, you can do it on your own way or you can follow this guide. Whatever suits you.

I already had Nginx set up prior to this so what I wanted to do with Hexo was optimally to only generate static files. However! This seems like it is almost the standard for Hexo. With a simple command that is already set up for you and some changes in the configuration and you got a system that serveres static files directly to your network.


  • Optimally a clean up-to-date Debian Wheezy installation, it will probably work on some other distroes as well
  • Some basic knowledge in how to use navigate the file system with Bash.
  • Nano, or another editor of your choice

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