From under the ocean
we shall raise an empire

Game Development

Coming from a background of gamers. We currently create and host games we have made on our servers, you can often find some of us at game jams and big game conventions.

Programming and websites

Several of us know programming and everyone have a bit different backstory such as web development, game modders, bot creators and security testers.

Servers and electronics

Our servers are online thanks to nginx and node.js. This website even is hosted and created by us. We also work with electronics all ranging from building computers for use in gaming and servers to programming PCB's for first person view quadcopters.


We're almost always doing something! Look at what we're gonna do next by clicking here. If we're not doing anything, that's probably a lazy lie from out part.


You can buy a website design here, find resellers for our games or get a t-shirt. Do whatever you want.

Our helpers

We don't do everything on our own, take a look at who's been helping us. Also we shamelessly ask you to help us stay alive by donating here.